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Leather Gloves Low-key Calm And Warm

Black Leather Gloves has been the darling of the fashion industry, from the film's elegant girl to fashion in the modern model, you can see the black Leather Gloves figure. In addition to protecting your slender hand, a low-key calm and warm Leather Gloves, quasi-can become the finishing touch of the body

With: dark checkered suit + fresh orange coat jacket + black exposed wrist Leather Gloves + black fine heel high heels

Comments: fresh orange coat jacket and black Leather Gloves are "bright and dark" with the best choice for two colors. Long coat brought the gas field with black leather texture, like the workplace strong woman, she had the final say!

With: lattice dress skirt + black short-sleeved jacket + black Leather Gloves + lace tights + black high heels

Comments: a black dress cleverly with lace tights to reduce the heavy color of the color, the lattice small skirt exudes the feeling of youthful vitality, vividly show the black romance.

With black and white coat + black tights + black Leather Gloves

Comments: This is a black and white classic match, brought by the geometric color coat to walk in the cutting edge of fashion. Long Leather Gloves, can better prevent the wind from the cuffs, but also more fashionable type.

With: black long cloak + knitted sweater + black skirt + white tights + black Leather Gloves

Comments: long cloak under a pair of Leather Gloves wearing gloves hand, hand holding a leather bag, as if the film scene, the most important thing is to have a leather glove embellishment, better reflect an elegant temperament The

How to clean Leather Gloves

If you use the rough texture of the cleaner, powder detergent or organic cleaning solution, etc., will cause different degrees of damage to the leather.

In general, the daily cleaning and maintenance with a mild soap solution (enough to wipe with a rag and then wipe it, do not dip the leather soaked in water). The leather cleaner found on the market is also very good, and contains the lubricant, you can keep the leather itself soft. Stubborn dirt may be used to deal with a mild detergent, it is recommended to send a professional cleaning.

If the leather is worn, you can apply non-greasy colorless leather care cream, let it slowly penetrate, and then clean with a clean soft cloth, can make leather to reproduce bright luster, but also to prevent the leather dry.

How to deal with wear and tear?

Even the most beautiful gloves will not be put aside to watch, we also need them every day: simple as the daily necessities, and even accompany us to travel around the world, so whether it is shoes, leather accessories, purses , Travel bags, Leather Gloves, etc. will be worn. Here are some of the most common examples of damage to leather and how to deal with it.

General Leather Gloves most afraid of several conditions:

(A) avoid water: leather fiber tissue will swell, soft, so that gloves deformation.

(2) bogey: glove damp, should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, so that the water as soon as possible volatilization, avoid exposure or fire baking, to prevent leather hardening brittle.

(C) avoid pollution: clean wipe gloves, you should first use a dry cloth to wipe the dust on the leather surface, and then coated with maintenance oil.

(D) bogey pressure: the Leather Gloves will make the elastic surface of the damage, the appearance of modeling is also affected.

The above is not only the situation of Leather Gloves scared, but also apply all leather products, of course, if accidentally encountered these conditions, how do we deal with it?