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Latex Coated Gloves Breathable, Long Time Operation Is Not Hot

Mechanical injury The most parts of the accident is the hands and feet, because the hand in the labor and mechanical contact the most frequent. When someone was found to be mechanical injury situation, although the timely emergency stop, but the inertia of the role of equipment, can still cause damage caused by sexual injury, and even death. Therefore, the workers in the job operations, not only to carefully and safely operate, and to strictly enforce the relevant rules and regulations, the correct use of labor protection products and strictly enforced to avoid or reduce the accident damage.

Labor insurance Latex Coated Gloves, is to protect the safety of our hand the most basic protection, but also work indispensable safety equipment.

Emulsified paraffin wax is a white translucent liquid, with a special neutral non-ionic emulsifier emulsification, to avoid the previous use of alkaline saponification instability, easy to delamination of the shortcomings, sealed place can be stored in the shade for two years without stratification, Not caking. It is resistant to acid, alkali, hard water, strong water solubility, emulsion stability, any proportion of water dilution without stratification, no demulsification, no caking, long shelf life, high solid content, good dispersion and other performance characteristics.

1Leather industry: Emulsified paraffin used as an additive for leather finishing

In the leather finishing agent by adding emulsified paraffin mainly from the filling coating, improve the coating feel, wear, anti-stick and increase the role of gloss and so on. To paraffin as the main raw material can greatly reduce the price of wax emulsion, and the use of the effect is not worse than the natural wax, is a high-grade leather finishing the main additives, can give the leather special brightness and wax sense.

From the use can be divided into soft wax and hard wax, respectively, for the bottom of the leather, the middle and top coating; can be applied to a variety of leather finishing, soft leather after finishing soft natural, feel full of moisture, can improve the leather surface The friction resistance.

2Construction industry

For reinforced concrete curing agent. Concrete in the curing process, such as surface evaporation of water too fast, will make its solidification process a series of chemical reactions can not be completed, and can not reach its surface maximum compressive strength. Therefore,Latex Coated Gloves it is necessary to prevent moisture from evaporating too fast during curing of the concrete. For this industry, a thin film curing agent based on emulsified paraffin wax has been developed. With this curing agent, unnecessary surface moisture evaporation is avoided and hydration of cement is promoted.

3Light industry, rubber industry

In the light industry, the rubber industry, emulsified paraffin wax can be used as a polishing agent, paint and additives. In the manufacture of latex Latex Coated Gloves pre-vulcanization process, or in the glue blending tank, the emulsion paraffin can be added in the amount of 1.5 to 2.5,Latex Coated Gloves which can improve the mold's anti-stick, easy glove stripping. Some use of emulsion formula, by adding emulsified paraffin wax can improve the use of latex performance.

4Ceramic industry

Porcelain production process, the poor texture of kaolin, often need to add emulsified wax to make up its poor plasticity or improve the strength of the initial product. Simultaneous use of emulsified paraffin can also replace expensive vinyl acetate. In the ceramic production process, adding emulsified paraffin wax, can improve the strength of the initial porcelain products, but also improve its lubrication.

5Release agent

As a release agent widely used in rubber or plastic products stripping, PU stripping, metal stripping and other fields.

General Dingqing Latex Coated Gloves his characteristics are:

1, fingertip part of the PU coating with anti-skid effect.

2, the use of long core fiber elastic nylon, not easy to produce dust, and strong stretch, the handle is completely fit hand, finger activity more flexible.

3, strong ventilation, long time operation is not hot.

Latex Latex Coated Gloves is characterized by soft and wearable, wide range of applications, of course, in the Latex Coated Gloves with glue, some latex Latex Coated Gloves are wearing a very hard to add more light calcium lead to Latex Coated Gloves hard,Latex Coated Gloves so Latex Coated Gloves do not wear smart and comfortable. We often see the medical Latex Coated Gloves is simple, popular said that the main material is a raw material produced