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Forklift Increase The Level Of Security Protection

Forklift truck in the traditional manufacturing industry, or in the emerging industry, forklifts are often used, exactly what safety devices? We can choose to use to improve the level of security protection, today, a little summary, I hope some of these devices will attract your interest or can be used in your forklift.

Forklift factory with the safety device has brakes, parking brake, a variety of indicators, speakers, reversing buzzer, traffic lights, headlamps, fork teeth positioning pin, rearview mirror, roof frame, double fork back, etc., please see the pictures to recognize them

Here to mention the roof guard, mainly to prevent falling debris damage occurred. Domestic regulations require the lifting of a forklift with a height greater than 1.8 meters. Daily we see the part of the stacker is no roof guard, need attention. In terms of risk, I recommend using a forklift with a roof frame when lifting height is greater than the operator's height.

1. Clean the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank, clean the filter, replace the damaged strainer, clean the magnetic screw plug, and add the hydraulic oil which is filtered and precipitated again.

2, adjust the tilt cylinder, lifting oil cylinder and side oil cylinder V-type sealing ring, clamping nut, excluding lifting cylinder, tilt cylinder, side displacement cylinder oil leakage phenomenon.

3, replace the oil leakage on the pipeline (oil seal) seals and damage joints.

First-class maintenance technical requirements for the performance of hand brake, foot brake and test brake selection valve

1, Hand brake: lubrication Hand brake operating rod each pin axis. Check and adjust the gap between the brake shoe and the brake drum is 0.4-0.6mm, the contact surface reaches more than 85%.

2, Foot brake: lubrication Each pin, adjust pedal free travel to 10-15mm

3, the test brake Select valve performance: In the upper and lower ramp will brake select valve placed in the position of not cutting power, its role should be good, the effect is obvious.