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What is Anti-Static Glove?

What is Anti-Static Glove?

Anti-static gloves are made of special anti-static polyester fabric, the base material consists of polyester and conductive fiber, conductive fiber spacing of 4mm, gloves have excellent flexibility and anti-static properties, to avoid human body caused by electrostatic damage to the product, it is suitable for the electronics industry, semiconductors, clean room and daily living widely used.



80% clean polyester yarn plus 20% high performance carbon fiber conductive yarn.
The finger or palm PU coating helps with assembly operations and does not leave fingerprints behind.
PU coating with the conductive resin to make it excellent anti-static effect.


<1> Fingertips are semicircular parts, ease the pressure generated by finger fingertips.
<2> Not easy to contaminate the dust, suitable for cleaners.
<3> Elasticity, completely fit the hand, not slippery, finger flexible activities, suitable for fine work.
<4> Breathability, suitable for long hours of work.