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Personal Protective Equipment

What is PPE?

PPE is an abbreviation of personal protective equipment, which means any device or appliance that is worn or held by an individual for the purpose of  guarding against one or more dangers to health and safety. Mainly  used to protect employees from exposure to chemical radiation, electric  equipment, manpower equipment, machinery and equipment or in some  dangerous workplace caused serious injuries or diseases.

In addition to face shields, safety glasses and safety shoes, personal  protective equipment includes a number of respiratory protective  equipment and protective clothing, including helmets, goggles, ear protectors (ear plugs), safety gloves, safety shoes, respirators and  safety belts.

Working purposes include: protective  shoes, goggles protective shoes, goggles for household use: sunglasses  and gardening gloves sunglasses, gardening gloves

It is necessary for every employee to have suits PPE items when working.