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Logistics News

Maersk Line invested in South America East New Route


It is reported that Maersk Line will provide ASAS 2 service to and from South America East from January 2018.

The route has the following highlights:

1. Qingdao to Santos (Brazil) shortened by16 days.

2. Directly linked to China's multiple ports: Qingdao (new), Shanghai, Ningbo, Shekou and Hong Kong.

3. Newly increased three direct connection of Brazil ports: Sepetiba, Itajai, and Imbituba.

4. Providing the transit shipment from Sepetiba to Manaus, Pecem, and Supac.


It will be a benefit for South America customers, our safety gloves & safety shoes can be shipped to South America more quickly.

And on the Shipping company, clients will have more options.